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Mint Green Tea

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This is the ultimate perk-me-up drink! Great for your morning wake-up call or when you need a boost at work. Mint is cool and refreshing, teasing your sense as you sip. Let the light green liquor linger on your tongue and savour the vegetal aroma with a hint of menthol. The mouth-feel is smooth, light and relaxing. Great to serve icy-cold on a hot summer picnic.

Mint Green Tea embodies Mother nature in tones of green and more green! From dark forest-green to emerald, olive and sage, this blend is all about green. The Green Tea leaves are sun-dried, twisting into exotic convoluted shapes. Interspersed amongst them are slivers of green mint. A hint of brown and off-white stems add contrast to the mix.

Health Benefits
Mint is known to boost alertness and concentration. It is often used to ward off feelings of anxiety, depression, frustration and stress. Mint is soothing for the stomach and digestive tracts. It eases cramping, bloating and can also help with irritable bowel syndrome. Mint is an excellent source of Vitamin A, which is needed for eye health and night vision. Inhaling the minty aroma of this tea will help clear up sinuses and a blocked nose. Mint is known to kill bad breath and also hinder the growth of mouth bacteria, leading to a reduction of halitosis. Sip this low caffeine tea for an energy boost; it is an excellent replacement for coffee.

Green Tea, Mint

Liquor Color
Light Yellow

Caffeine Content
Low Caffeine

What's in the box?
1 x Mint Green Tea

Our Guarantee
At The Tea Source MNL, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why all our products undergo a food-grade sterilization process.

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