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Organic Tencha Matcha

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From the remote monasteries inhabited by Zen Monks, the stunning emerald green liquor looks just as imposing on your tea table! The aroma is sweet with a floral tinge. Discover hints of earthy savoury, umami,  and amami, the sweet undertones. The initial sip offers a hint of bitterness and then lingers with a delicate sweetness.

Delighting the eye like a rare jewel, Ceremonial Organic Tencha offers an exquisite, vibrant emerald green colour. Tencha plants are covered in black film three weeks before harvest. This film blocks sunlight from reaching the leaves and they are forced to produce more chlorophyll, resulting in the glorious green colour that is much brighter than other types of Matcha.  The texture is a fine, smooth stone ground powder, that speaks of centuries-old Japanese tea ceremonies.

Health Benefits
Buddhist Monks used Matcha tea to enhance mental clarity and physical energy. This superbly powerful green tea offers a host of health benefits from warding off cancers to boosting blood circulation, improving your sense of well-being and calming the mind.

Camellia Sinensis

Liquor Color

Caffeine Content
Moderate Caffeine

What's in the box?
1 x Organic Tencha Matcha

Our Guarantee
At The Tea Source MNL, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why all our products undergo a food-grade sterilization process.

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